Business and Management studies are on high demand worldwide; there are many different career ideas that can arise from this


This field provides people with many career opportunities. Students get to plan and conduct investigations to test out ideas


Technical Drawing allows efficient communication among engineers. Since it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words,


Hospitality/ Food & Nutrition are vocational subjects gearing towards acquiring needed skills. Each student has some creative



A Conversation with BBHS’s Principal

Principal Belmopan Baptist High School By: Doralyn Sabal – 4th Form, BBHS Please give us an idea of where you were working and what you were doing before coming to BBHS. I first taught the Standard 5 class at the Roaring Creek Nazarene Primary School; then later I went to The Belize Christian Academy and

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A Converstation with BBHS’s Vice Principal

Vice Principal Belmopan Baptist High School By: Stephanie Sagastume – 3rd Form Student, BBHS How long have you been at the Belmopan Baptist High School? I have been teaching at the Belmopan Baptist High School (BBHS) for ten years. Do you think that the school has changed in the past years? If so, in what

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Class Decorating Competition!

During September, Independence Celebrations month in Belize, students and teachers at the Belmopan Baptist High School were all in a buzz over the promise of monetary awards to the class that was best decorated for the September Celebrations! Students and their homeroom teachers planned their strategies, made purchases and stayed back after school working on their

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BBHS students parade under showers of blessing!

This year’s Independence was celebrated under the theme “Belize Renewed: Confident – Competitive – Committed” and once again, BBHS students waited in line at Melhado Parade so they could participate in the celebrations! Before the start of the parade however, showers of blessings came down, BUT the students were undeterred! Though others went home, our

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